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    Damian Baker

    Hello everyone,

    During the past year we have been working on a successor to CSS & JavaScript Toolbox, which we have named Easy Code Manager. https://easy-code-manager.com

    Similar to CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugins, there are two seperate Easy Code Manager plugins that work together, which are:

    1) the 100% free Easy Code Manager Free/Core version found on WordPress.org here:

    2) and the premium Easy Code Manager PLUS version found on the Easy Code Manager website here:

    CSS & JavaScript Toolbox premium subscribers

    If you are a CSS & JavaScript Toolbox (CJT) premium subscriber with a valid license key that has NOT expired, you will be eligible to receive Easy Code Manager for free with one year of premium updates. Please send us a message along with your valid license key via our Contact page OR via: info (at) css-javascript-toolbox.com


    At this stage CSS & JavaScript Toolbox and Easy Code Manager cannot be installed and activated at the same time. It is advised to BACKUP all your CSS & JavaScript Toolbox code blocks, code files and template data, and take note of all your assignments and shortcode placements. This is a precautionary recommendation so you don’t lose your work.

    Once CSS & JavaScript Toolbox is deactivated, then you should be able to install and activate Easy Code Manager. Currently, both plugins share the same database structure and depending on your current version of CSS & JavaScript Toolbox, you may just see all your original CJT code blocks intact in the Easy Code Manager main dashboard. However, please do not rely on this and BACKUP all of your work before trying to install the Easy Code Manager Free/Core and PLUS plugins on your site.

    Thanks for your support.

    Damian Baker

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