As most WordPress sites almost always have some form of custom posts (Products, Downloads, etc) created by using other plugins and themes, CJT supports assigning Global Blocks to custom posts.

Custom posts might be hierarchical like WordPress Pages or flat like WordPress Posts. CJT is able to detect the custom post type and list it hierarchically or flat as defined.

Based on the custom post layout, CJT will display it hierarchically like pages with secondary shaded checkboxes, or flat like posts. However all custom posts are listed under a single Assignment Panel tab with a toggle-able list inside. If there are no custom posts defined, then a notice message will show in place of the list.

Note: Only custom posts that have dashboard admin page and front-end access would be listed under the Custom Posts tab. Other custom post types such as Logs, History, etc, which is only intended to be used internally by the plugin or theme should not be listed.