When to use?

As in some cases, users might need to cover more areas/requests where the assignment items are just not enough. URLs can be passed through the CJT Assignment Panel.

CJT URL parser accepts a list of URLs separated by a newline. so each line would have the full URL you wish to use. You must write the full URL including the WordPress home page/domain. CJT is not adding any trailer or prefixes to the URL you write.

CJT URL checker is splitting all URLs that are being passed, checking if it’s exactly equal the current request URI based on the PHP $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’) and $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]. The URL can contain a custom Port number, with either HTTP or HTTPS is being supported.

Example of using URLs include:

Home Page: http://mywordpresssite.com/

WordPress Page: http://mywordpresssite.com/mypage/

Secure HTTP: https://mysecurewordpressite

Custom Port Number: http://mysecurewordpressite:PORT-NUMBER