Auxiliary assignments are predefined assignments that group some common WordPress request types.

When assignments are required for cases where: the request currently exists AND the request does not yet exist, then it would be a good idea to use Auxiliary assignments. Auxiliary assignments give you the option of assigning a block to WordPress request items (e.g. posts, pages, categories, etc) whereby the item does not yet exist, so that whenever a new item gets added, it’s automatically added to the list.

It can also simplify assigning a block to a large group of WordPress items that cannot be assigned directly, as it would take sometime, or as it has not even been presented as WordPress items. Most of the Auxiliary assignments do logically exist but not physically on the database or disk.

Auxiliary assignment types

  • Entire Website: Apply to WordPress entire frontend website
  • Website Backend: Apply to WordPress dashboard/backend
  • All Pages: Apply to all WordPress pages that do not yet exist
  • All Posts: Apply to all WordPress posts that do not yet exist
  • Blog index: When Settings->Reading->’Front page displays’ with the option being set to show ‘Your latest posts’ for the homepage, then this Auxiliary assignment will apply to the blog index page
  • All Categories: Apply to all WordPress categories and all posts laying under those categories even though they do not yet exist
  • Search Pages
  • 404 Error: Apply to error page when WordPress cannot reach the requested item
  • Tag Archive
  • Author Archive
  • Attachments Archive
  • All Archive: Includes all of the above archives (including categories). However, it has the lowest priority, so if any archive assignment from the above items are being assigned, then that would take a priority over the All Archive assignment