By default CJT is not associating or creating a Metabox Block for WordPress pages/posts until it is created by the user. This is ideal for performance as it saves database processing, server memory and page loading time. Instead of creating a full Metabox Block for every WordPress page/post, CJT is placing a ‘creation block’ from which users can create a Metabox Block for the desired posts. Once created, it would reserve a database record and it would always be there.

Creating a Metabox Block is done behind the scenes using AJAX technology so that users wouldn’t need to refresh the whole page after creating or even editing the block.

By default when a Metabox Block is created it is automatically assigned a default name generated by CJT. The name would be as following:

CJT Block – Post #ID

Where ID is the post ID that the block is being create for. This name can be changed later.