Creating a Global Block is a very simple process that can be done by clicking the ‘Create New Block’ button from the CSS & Javascript Toolbox dashboard page. You will have to fill out the Create New Code Block form and click OK.

New Block Fields:

  • Name: Block name that will be used for giving a hint about the block function and to be used as the shortcode name/parameters
  • Activate: Check it to initially Activate the newly created block, or leave it unchecked to initially make it disabled. Value can be changed later
  • Location Hook: Header/Footer is the initial location hook for the block, where the block would be executed and outputted
  • Position: The block order position for the Global Blocks list allows block creation in either the first block position (default position) or the last block position. The top (higher up) blocks would be executed first before the bottom (lower down) blocks

After the block has been created the popup form will close and the new block is added on the main Global Blocks manager page. It will be initially loaded/opened and the keyboard cursor will be activated for the code editor, allowing you to write code directly on there.