Deleting CJT Global Blocks can be done by clicking on the Delete (cross icon) from the block main toolbar. You’ll then need to confirm the delete message.

After confirming the deletion, nothing actually deletes just yet as the block is only removed from the UI list. You have to click the ‘Save All Changes’ button from the CJT main toolbar to save the deleted blocks.

Currently CJT is not supporting a way so the deleted blocks can be reverted back when the ‘Save All Changes’ button has not been clicked, however we plan to do that soon. So if you need to undo deleting your blocks, as long as did not click the ‘Save All Changes’ button, you can simply refresh the page to get them back.

Warning: After clicking the ‘Save All Changes’ button, blocks cannot be reverted back as they are permanently deleted from the database. Therefore, all the deleted blocks data will be lost.