Global Blocks is the Block type that works globally and can be assigned to multiple WordPress requests. CJT Global Blocks can be created through the CSS & JavaScript Toolbox main dashboard.

A Global Block has two components that build up the Global Block unit. The Code Editor and the Assignment Panel. The Assignment Panel allows you to assign the code block to multiple WordPress requests via both predefined and custom requests. Please visit the @Assignment Panel documents for more information.

Global Blocks share a few attributes and one of them is the order. Global Blocks can be reordered so that the top (higher up) blocks would be executed first before the bottom (lower down) blocks. This can be useful when you require a higher block to override a lower block.

You will notice that all Global Blocks are created in one single page and they are not categorised. With many blocks in play, this may get confusing to know the order of block execution, and whether some will not get involved on the same request. In the near future, CJT will be organised as separate individual Projects where each Project may contain multiple Global Blocks inside.

All Global Blocks are automatically assigned a shortcode with its name and can be used directly by typing the shortcode into the page or post content. Please visit @Shortcode section for more information about Global Block shortcodes.