Template is a peace of reusable code that can be embedded or linked to code Blocks, Global or Metabox Blocks.

Unlike code Blocks that is just created to do specific function by assigned to specific requests. Templates is to be used by Code Blocks as Code Libraries that might be required to be used by Multiple Code Blocks. It is independent peace of code and not related to anything. It can either embedded or Linked to code Blocks.

It keeps Blocks code cleaned and organised as it give the chance to separate the Code into Model and Library codes that is represented in CJT as Block and Template.

Its originally developer for big library files that is not logically related to the Block Model, might be reused by other Blocks and provided by third-party developers. jQuery is an example of using Templates as its not a part of the code Block and also it shouldn’t be in the code Block as its huge file that would prevent you from editing your code in a simple professional way. Also having those huge library files away from code Block is great for performance as those template files is rarely modified.