The abbreviation CJT stands for ‘CSS & Javascript Toolbox’.

CJT was originally developed to help users, bloggers, novice and professional developers with integrating code into their WordPress-powered website. It was developed to provide solutions to many common tasks. For example, adding JavaScript snippets or CSS stylesheets into WordPress pages and posts.

CJT was designed to be flexible and very easy to use. In fact, it can be used in as little as two steps – simply adding your code and assigning where the code goes. The possibility of assigning/associating a piece of code to output or run anywhere within WordPress is just the beginning of what CJT can do!


History of CJT

We released our first version of CJT (v0.3) on the plugin repository in September 2011. CJT until version 0.8, could only allow users to run JavaScript and CSS stylesheet code in parallel with WordPress pages and posts. Since then, HTML and PHP support has been added.

Today, CJT (including CJT Free and CJT Dev) has been solidly worked on by two developers for over two years, equating to around 3000 hours of development time. CJT Pro/Dev has now grown to over 930 files and folders totalling 4.3MB (as of v6.4)

CJT’s internal structure is based on the MVC design pattern. In order to make CJT software maintainable over time and to provide our customers with the best support and upgrade service, a lot of development work has gone into the internal structure.

Specific care has also been taken when it comes to deferring. CJT only reserves memory resources and usage processes when it needs to, otherwise it will not get involved. WordPress plugins that get involved when not being used can risk Memory size has been exceeded issues.