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Writing Code

Writing code is the step taken within the code editor window of the code block, and is what carries out the functionality that’s intended to be performed by the block. CJT is providing users with a number of tools for writing code. One of these powerful tools is the Advanced Code Editor (ACE) with syntax […]


Block Types

CJT provides two types of code block – Global Block and Metabox Block. Global Block – this occurs in the main CSS & Javascript Toolbox dashboard page, where you can create multiple blocks and assign them to WordPress requests. Global Blocks can even be ordered so that blocks override other blocks. Additionally, blocks can be […]



CJT Code Blocks are the basic unit for writing code and assigning it to specific WordPress requests (e.g. for a Page, Post, Category, Blog index, Expression, etc). It is the main gateway for interaction, allowing users to have their codes assigned. In general, blocks should always be created when you need to assign a piece […]