Damian Baker

Hi Stephen,

The issue is a bug in CJT Pro/Dev before 7.1 and is caused by not activating license keys, and instead updates your CJT Dev plugin using the standard WordPress updater, which checks for CJT Free on WordPress.org. Unfortunately, the bug allowed for WordPress to overwrite Dev with Free. To overcome this bug, please install your latest copy of CJT Dev 7.1 again by doing one of two things:
1) Use FTP to overwrite the existing css-javascript-toolbox folder in the plugins folder.
2) Alternatively you can deactivate and uninstall the Free, but make sure you do not have the ‘Wipeout data’ checkbox checked in General plugin settings (cog icon). Keeping that unchecked allows you to retain your existing code block and template data. Then you can upload the latest 7.1 CJT Dev version using the standard WP plugin uploader.
Once installed, make sure you use the license key that was provided, so you will continue to get the latest CJT Dev updates.

Just a note that Free is up to version 7.1.1, which has a dashboard promo widget added, whilst CJT Pro and Dev are on 7.1 without this widget. Also the CJT Dev plugin says CSS & Javascript Toolbox Dev in the header.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,