Damian Baker

Hi David,

It is personal preference to have either ECM PLUS or CJT PLUS.

The main difference is that ECM uses a totally different user interface that is responsive. We are finding a lot of people are preferring the CJT user interface because it has buttons to perform actions fast, while with ECM, people instead must click the Panels button to get to some of those same actions. The Panels button in ECM keeps things more tidy, organised and responsive – even on mobile devices, although it can take that bit longer to find what you are looking for at first glance. So you may find there is an extra mouse click to get to that action. Lastly, I should mention that CJT is partly responsive. As for the overall build quality and performance, both plugins are equal as they mostly share the same code base.

I will send you the CJT PLUS plugin zip file shortly.

Damian Baker