Damian Baker

Hi Thor,

Thank you for your support question and letting me know about this.
Please tell me, are you using the self installer, where it creates the Code Blocks automatically or did you create everything manually?
You may have seen instructions for both ways.

As for:
1) In css files the

generates syntax error. Same for JS config. (I understand <style> </style> in HTML, but css and js?)

The <style></style> and <script></script> declarations would be needed for the Code Blocks, however if they are used in Code Files or Code Templates then they should not be needed. Code Templates saves and loads them as actual real .css or .js files while Code Files uses a boilerplate snippet that automatically places this in for you. E.g. <style type="text/css">%s</style> whereby %s is your CSS code.

As for the others points your mentioned, based on further investigation, it may require an update.
Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Damian Baker