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      Juergen Mueller

      I have a supplementary question to your answer. All specific information I sent you by e-mail.

      How must the assignment expressions be to apply a code to a category and another code to all posts in this category, when the default permalink structure has been changed?

      Thank you very much for your answer.

      We have very good experience with CJT free version. Probably we will buy PRO, but first I have one question: there are …
      category A, all posts of category A
      category B, all posts of category B

      I need now one code for all posts of category A, but a different one for category A. The same for category B: one single code for category B, and another code for posts of category B.

      Is this possible with the PRO version?

      Your answer was:
      Thanks for the positive feedback.
      We’re very happy hearing that.

      Yes this can be done by using Assignment Expressions From Code-Block assignment panel “Advanced Tab”.

      The following expression is used to apply Code Block to Category A


      The following expression is used to apply code Block to posts inside Category A


      Create two blocks for the expressions above
      Go to Advanced Tab, click on Expressions Item
      Copy the lines above for each Code Block you created in #1

      You need to replace WORDPRESS-SITE-DOMAIN by your site domain name, if you couldn’t get it works because you’re changed WordPress default permalink structure, please send us Category A URL and any post URL for any post laying under A Category.

      Hope that helps.


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