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Has CJT Dev buyer no access to "CJT Pro Support Forum"?

Home Support Support Tickets Has CJT Dev buyer no access to "CJT Pro Support Forum"?

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      Hi Damian,

      I have got no access to “CJT Pro Support Forum”.
      I got msg: “This forum is restricted to buyers”.
      Has developer (I mean a CJT Dev buyer) no access to “CJT Pro Support Forum”? It would not make much sense. 🙂

      Kind regards

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      Damian Baker

      Hi Sylwia,

      You are right in both saying that CJT Dev buyers has no access to CJT Pro forums AND it does not make much sense. 🙂

      I have considered this in the past, and I will be merging both CJT Pro and CJT Dev into the one forum soon.

      Kind Regards,

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      Thank you for your answer.
      No rush. Rethink please. I am not sure it’s a good idea.
      Merging developers with “ordinary buyers” might be a bit confusing. Mainly for the developers of course. 😉

      Anyway problem solved. The rest depends on you.
      Have a nice day. Day ‘cos I’m in CEST time zone == UTC + 2. 🙂

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      Damian Baker

      No problems at all.
      I won’t rush into it, as I carefully need to consider the pros and cons of merging the forums. Currently there is not much difference to Dev and Pro except for the license stipulation for Dev, which provides unlimited website installs, support and automatic updates. That said, when we start to incorporate more ‘developer’ oriented features into CJT Dev, then it makes more sense to have separate forums.

      Kind Regards,

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