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    Kevin Gentry

    Once I create a new code block and try to save it, the code disappears. How can I save the code without it disappearing?

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    Ahmed Hamed


    is it a fresh installation or upgrade?

    If you don’t have code blocks exists, please do the following
    WARNING: Make sure you don’t have any exists/important code Blocks as we’re giong to erase all the data.

    #1. Go to CJT Blocks page.
    #2. Click on the Settings menu from the top general Toolbar.
    #3. Open Uninstall tab => Select “Wipe Out Data” checkbox.
    #4. Go to WordPress plugins page, deactivate and delete CJT Plugin,
    #5. Install it again.

    If you cannot delete the Plugin. Could you please provide us with WordPress access? — Please do that via support@css-javascript-toolbox.com mail.


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