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      Hi there, I appreciate the new update. I was able to get it installed. At first, it didn’t work, but I remembered the email about clearing the cache. After I did that, it worked great.

      But that’s not what I’m writing about — I just had a quick question/suggestion about usage of space. I don’t understand why the full width of the titles of the code blocks isn’t used to show as much of the code block title as possible. No matter the width of the browser window, it always shows the code block title in a very short box. Could you please use the full available space to show as much of the code block as possible?


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      Damian Baker

      Hi Jesse,

      Thanks for your support message and glad to hear that you appreciate the new update – especially after clearing the browser cache. 🙂
      As for the Code Block title text field being a lot wider, this is a fair call. Ok, I will look into widening it for the next update.
      I appreciate your recommendation.

      Kind Regards,
      Damian Baker

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