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      Finn Hillebrandt


      I really love your plugin and I’m using it on many of my websites.

      However, I find that the support for WooCommerce (or other custom post types) needs improvement: In the tab “Custom Posts” you can select single products, but unfortunately you can’t select all products at once and you can’t select product categories at all.

      Please consider this for future version as it would saves a lot of time for WooCommerce users.

      Best regards,


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      Damian Baker

      Hi Finn,

      Thanks for your nice words about the CJT plugin. I am pleased to hear you are using it on many of your websites.

      This is a great suggestion, and you are right that it is a good idea for CJT to play nicely with highly popular plugins such as WooCommerce. In fact, we have had a similar request posed before with this plugin here: where the user could not get the category custom type to appear.

      I believe in order to get this to show, we would need to further enhance the custom posts feature of CJT to support additional taxonomies for other plugins.

      I will try to schedule this development in the near future. Thanks again.

      Kind Regards,

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