• Create multiple code blocks
    Add as many code blocks as you need. Assign a code block to multiple Pages, Posts, Categories, etc. Reorder code blocks via drag and drop to allow block priority over others.
  • Syntax highlighting
    Automatic indent/outdent, highlight matching parentheses, drag and drop, line wrapping, cut, copy, paste, and more.
  • Custom Post support
    Also, hierarchical custom posts (i.e. child custom posts) can be selected along with the parent custom post.
  • Sub-Page/Category support
    Hierarchical pages and category assignments. Select the parent page without any of its child pages.
  • URLs & Expressions
    URLs support (i.e. webpage address). Control what requests to integrate into the code block with Regular Expressions.
  • Auxiliary (or common) assignments
    Entire Website, Website Backend, All Pages/Posts/Categories, Recent Posts, Blog Index, Search Pages, All/Tag/Author Archives, Attachment Pages, 404 Error Pages.
  • Header/Footer support
    Control the output location of your code blocks, by forcing the code to execute in the header or footer of the webpage.
  • Page/Post metabox code blocks
    Shown under the editor in Pages/Posts. Security setting in Options to enable/disable.
  • Code Template Manager
    Create HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript code templates so you can LINK or EMBED them to your code blocks.
  • Template Lookup System
    Link/embed code templates and even bundled WordPress built-in scripts/styles (such as jQuery, Thickbox, etc).
  • Code block revisions
    Save your work by recording a new code block revision (e.g. how WordPress stores revisions for Pages/Posts).
  • Post Tag assignments
    Assign your code blocks to Post Tags.
  • Inverted assignments
    Invert your selected assignments for Pages, Custom Posts, Categories, and Tags.
  • CJT shortcodes
    Add code block shortcodes directly in Pages/Posts via CJT editor button.
  • Code files
    Organise your code by attaching code files to a code block.
  • Code Auto Completion
    CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP. Heaps of code snippets. Local variable support and more!
  • Advanced code editing tools
    Undo, Redo, Find, Replace, Go To Line, Fold, UnFold, Collapse and Expand, and much more!
  • Editor tools
    32 editor themes, font-size adjustment, full-width and full-screen editing, external script support.
  • Batch operations
    Activate/deactivate (turn on/off), switch current state, Header/Footer output location hook, delete all, and delete only empty code blocks.
  • Code block widget linker
    Link code blocks to widgets so they can be used in places such as sidebars and footers.
  • Backups management
    Allows you to create, restore, or delete backups.
  • Import/export tool
    Export and import all of your data (e.g. code blocks, code files, script templates) into another website running CJT.
  • High performance
    Fully tested using over 100 code blocks and 1000’s of assignments (e.g. Posts, Pages, Categories, etc).
  • CJT PLUS – license, support, benefits
    One-time payment and reminders will be sent nearing license expiry. Entirely optional to renew. Receive 6 months automatic updates. 6 months of support. Install PLUS on as many websites that you own.