CJT Free and CJT PLUS version 11 is here!

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CJT Pricing

  • CJT PLUS v11

    Was $58. Get it today for $29 USD

  • CJT PLUS (Premium WordPress plugin)
  • 1 Year of automatic updates
  • Unlimited website installations
  • 1 Year of technical support
  • 1 Year of support forum access


  • Add code blocks via Shortcodes (includes embedder)
  • Add code blocks via Widgets (e.g. for your sidebar or footer)
  • Add code blocks via Gutenberg blocks
  • Add code to Page/Post Metabox code blocks (Classic Editor)
  • Assignment Invert feature (e.g. run code everywhere but … )
  • Powerful editing with auto-formatting and syntax highlighting
  • Code beautify feature to tidy up your code
  • Code minify feature to compress code for performance
  • Light and dark editor themes to suits your style
  • Full-width and Full-screen modes for distraction-free editing
  • Code Auto Completion feature
  • Stacks of CSS, JS, PHP, and HTML code syntax or snippets
  • Revisions system to auto-backup your code blocks
  • Tested with over 100 code blocks and 1000’s of assignments

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We use a payment gateway called FastSpring that serves securely over HTTPS using a 256-bit encryption certificate provided by Symantec. They use dedicated servers that handle SSL requests to speed up the transaction processing. These servers are in full compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard, independently verified.

Multiple Currency Support

Although the pricing is shown in US dollars, we also provide support for multiple currencies.

We support multiple currencies


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