Damian Baker

Hello Antonio,

Thanks so much for all the nice words about the CJT plugin. Feedback like this makes it all the worthwhile to keep on developing and adding more features.

CJT has been designed and coded entirely from the ground up, and it is not a one man show. My esteemed colleague named Ahmed Hamed is a very talented solutions creator and coder. He has brought a great wealth of ideas to the project, with many now implemented in the feature set for CJT. I am more the UI, front-end guy, who loves graphics, icons, ease of use functionality and overall design. It is our teamwork that has created this what we believe is an interesting and very useful solution.

As for the payment in Australian Dollars or AUD, this was intentionally. I believe you thought it would be in United States Dollars or USD, which most international purchases are based on. But either way if this is the case, you would have saved money due to the exchange rate.

I guess, we really should state the purchase amount will be in Australian Dollars.

Thanks again for your encouraging words. We really appreciate it and hope CJT Dev serves you well.
Stay tuned for more great updates.

Kind Regards,