We have just released a critical update for CJT and CJT PLUS addressing an XSS vulnerability, which was detected by Wordfence and a number of other security plugins.  Keep your website safe and make sure you have updated CJT and CJT PLUS to version 11.8 today. Click for CJT PLUS.

CJT and the premium CJT PLUS are still being updated – even after 10 years. Take advantage of the latest 11.7 release and get fixes for a number of issues and performance tweaks. Get stacks more flexibility with CJT PLUS and save 75% off the regular price today. Click for CJT PLUS.

CJT PLUS allows you to add code to your entire website, all posts or pages, via shortcodes, widgets, Gutenburg blocks, tags, URLs, regular expressions, and much more! CJT PLUS also gives you 8 additional hooks and an inverter feature (i.e. run code everywhere but …) for more precise assignments. Why not take advantage of the huge price reduction and save 75% off the regular price now. Click for CJT PLUS.

Version 11.5 provides compatibility with PHP version 8 and MySQL version 8, and a major fix for a duplicate code block ID issue that was affecting some users.  Also, if the ‘wp-content’ directory is renamed to something different (e.g. ‘content’), CJT will now find any custom content directories and install correctly.  CJT PLUS also has a few fixes so make sure you are licensed and updated. Get CJT PLUS and enjoy the benefits and features. Click for CJT PLUS.

Any fresh installs of CJT Free version 11.4 will no longer have the Aux and Adv tabs, while existing CJT Free users will continue to be able to use them. The Aux and Adv assignment panels will now only be available in the CJT PLUS edition. Apart from this major change, we have made a number of fixes to some editor tools and also implemented a new tool button popup library that is faster and more responsive. Remember, the CJT project is kept alive with your purchase. Click for CJT PLUS.

Are you wanting to add a live chat service to your WordPress-powered website in literally minutes? Click to find out how easy it is by using: CSS & JavaScript Toolbox PLUS.

CJT Free will soon have features removed and added to CJT PLUS.  Features that will be removed in this first phase include the Adv tab (URLs and Expressions) and some other features that we are yet to finalise.  This unfortunate decision has not come lightly, but is absolutely required to keep the project moving forward after 10 years.  The entire CJT project is reliant on funding for continued development. The CJT project is kept alive with your support. Click to see if CJT PLUS can help you.

CJT PLUS used to only have two Hooks, one for the Header and the other for the Footer. With CJT PLUS v11, you get 8 new Hooks for more flexibility. We have upgraded the code block toolbar by changing icon buttons to textual buttons, implemented counters so you can keep tab of the stats, and revamped the vertical editor toolbar. If you have upgraded to CJT v11 and it looks weird, please clear your browser and site cache to pull in new scripts/stylesheets. CJT v11 now supports PHP versions 7.0+ for wider compatibility. Click to see if CJT PLUS can help you.

We have just released CSS & JavaScript Toolbox v10 and it’s jam-packed with bug fixes and improvements to the code block editor, and compatibility fixes for WordPress version 5.5. Do you need an all-round solution to add, manage, delegate and run all your custom code? CJT PLUS has been trusted by 1000’s customers for over 10 years. Click to see if it can help you.

1000’s of our customers are forging ahead with the features and benefits that CJT PLUS offers. See what it can do for you today, with our current half price special. Click to purchase a new or renew your existing license today

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Damian Baker

We have finally released our premium CJT PLUS extension plugin that now allows you to add CJT Code Blocks with the Gutenberg Editor. Now with a few clicks of the mouse button, you can add your commonly used blocks of code such as HTML, JavaScript, or even plain text and add them using Gutenberg. It has been one of the most rewarding developments yet, so get you hands on CSS & JavaScript Toolbox PLUS today. Get it here.

Welcome to a script we have called CJT Virtual Crowd. YES!!! – that’s right!!! – it is a crowd in a box. A way to make your site look crazy-busy, whether you want to steer people into purchasing your products, or simply joining your newsletter subscription or site membership. In fact, it can be used in more ways than you can imagine. And with the power of CJT, you can add this awesome script anywhere (or everywhere) on your website. Read it here.

The team at CJT have eased the process of adding a cookie consent banner to your website. Learn how to position the banner and customise the colours to match your website theme. There are also a number of advanced features, options and examples to help you meet the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has now come into affect as of 25th May 2018. Read it here.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analytics tools 100% free for anyone to sign up for and use. Sometimes, we give Google too much information about our website and there may be sections of the site that you do not want the analytics script to log. We have made adding Google Analytics to your website super simple with this easy to import script. Read it here.

Table Sorter is an awesome jQuery script by Christian Bach that allows dynamic multi-column sorting of tables. This script is lightweight, works across all the major browsers, and has been configured to support both HTML and CSV table data. Click any of the column headings to alphabetically sort via that column. Read it here.

In this video demonstration you will learn about the four main CJT injection types, which include: CJT Global Blocks, CJT Shortcodes, CJT Metabox Blocks, and CJT Widget Blocks. You will learn how to create each type and then understand how to find your code blocks within the page source code. Read it here.

This video demonstrates how you can force higher ordered Code Blocks to execute before lower ordered Code Blocks. Ordering these can be very useful especially when functionality or output is dependant on the execution order. If for example you need to move a number of bottom (lower down) blocks higher up to override blocks above, […]

This video demonstrates how to change the Code Block title in the WordPress Plugin called CSS & JavaScript Toolbox. I also provide a few naming tips to help you know the type of code used (i.e. JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and HTML) when the Code Blocks are in the minimised state.