We are incredibly proud to have so many happy CJT PLUS customers, so we decided to let them speak for us.
This is a just a fraction of the many awesome emails, reviews, and feedback we often receive.

This plugin does exactly what I was looking for, so simple and effective.
Congratulations to the authors!

Francesco Menzera


In awe
OK, by its nature, this is a plugin for coders… but as someone who is equally at ease working with prose and with code, I’ve found any number of things easier to implement in WP using CJT PLUS than with more purpose-specific plugins. I’ve already used it to (among other things) define variant behaviour/content within a post based on language (in my multilingual site), and embed HTML5+JS canvas-based charts (that were too cumbersome to create with any of the chart plugins I tried). The “assignment” logic is particularly well thought-out. I tip my (white) hat to the developers!

Daniel de Segovia Gross


It works where others failed
Several other plugins we tried failed to insert code correctly. Although this has a slightly ‘clunky’ interface it has so far inserted code accurately every time.

Simon Watson


Should be called CSS, Javascript, HTML and PHP Toolbox
I really like this plugin for several reasons. It’s helped for separating code and having it well organised. It’s also helped a lot when I’ve had conflicting scripts so that I can have a script load just for one or two pages and no where else. Solved several problems for me. I also had to contact the developer for a problem I was having. Couldn’t believe how much he wanted to solve my problem and it wasn’t even a problem with his plugin, but a misunderstanding on my part. I highly recommend CSS & Javascript Toolbox. Should be called CSS, Javascript, HTML and PHP Toolbox however since it seems to do everything. Again, nicely done and thank you very much for your time and trouble.

Jeff Aberle


I wanted to add code to my head tag and didn’t know how. This made it easy. I was inclined to upgrade but had no idea what the following meant to a non-tech person like me.

Jamie Hayes


Adds a huge amount of flexibility to WordPress. The support team is amazing, everything about this is amazing.

James Chia Han Lee


This plugin saves me hours of time
This is my most used plugin. It’s incredibly useful. It allows incredible customisation to a WordPress install.

Carob Cherub


Versatile and easy to use
I love it, so that I purchased the upgrade only to support the development this outstanding plugin (at that time I did not need any of the upgraded features).

It allows adding any CSS or script to any, all or the pages/posts you select and define where within the code it should be placed (Top or bottom of the Head or Body section. All through an intuitive and handy control panel.

I’m not a programmer, but there are also more advanced features for more techie guys.
Highly recommended!

Andre W. Klein


Very helpful and great customer service
I have little experience in development and the crew explained a lot of things I didn’t understand. Looking forward to the rest of the updates. Keep doing great work.

Larry Daniels


Invaluable Tool
CJT PLUS is one of few ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED plugins. It allows you to insert code like a surgeon, targeting virtually any element or asset.

CJT PLUS is a default plugin in my repo, and I use it daily on over 300 websites. You should too. For those who jumped the gun and negatively rated this plugin based on the initial announcement, perhaps contacting the developer would have cleared the air – it did for me. Please reconsider, and re-rate accordingly. Damian’s work is worthy of your reconsideration.

Steven Noe


Fabulous Plugin, highly recommended!
This is a wonderful plugin to have, what is more incredible is that although I know very little in scripting … I asked and got scripting support from the plugin producer … I give him 2 x 5 Stars … THANK YOU.

Sergio Lauthier
Architectural Cad Design Drafter


This is powerful
This is very powerful. Can easily add codes to specific pages. This helps me a lot!



Works great!
Using to insert registration JS into a page. Took a little figuring out about the shortcode insert. Tried using the header & footer options. But it would either push my nav down or my footer up under the nav to display the registration form. After finding the shortcode option, it put it in the page perfectly as desired. Great work fellas!

Rob Thomas


Sweet!! Updated datepicker to block weekends
Great plugin. I needed to block weekends on a datepicker. This did the trick!

Tracy Hughes


I wish to give it 6 stars!
This is THE css/js plugin. No rivals, no competitors, this is definitely the best ever!
activate, deactivate, assign to different pages/taxonomies/etc, code highlight, and anything I need. Congratulations!!
Thanks a lot ?

Alessandro Benassi


Nice plugin!
A bit complex but indeed useful! Not for newbies. A big piece of script. Thank you!

Marcelo Pedra


All Pain of WordPress is Gone
The pain of any CMS is the box one is placed in. This plugin frees those of us who want a little extra (or a lot of extra) customisation.  Adding custom CSS and Javascript in a WordPress site could not be easier.

Chris Wood


One of a Kind
This is a totally unique and excellent plugin. I’ve started using it on every new site to reduce the overhead that excess plugins can produce. Looking forward to how it develops further.

Matt Cromwell


Most Have Plugin for Developers
This plugin has been a life saver for me. I’ve been able to customise my theme exactly the way I want it. Through CSS & JavaScript Toolbox I’ve built submenus to specific pages, a custom shadowbox, shortcodes containing repeating content such as order forms, and implemented javascript for scrolling animations. The sky is the limit!

Rebekah Blizzard


Outstanding, prevents unnecessary bloat
What I love is the ability to add my own jQuery scripts without having to create individual plugins. Fantastic stuff and keep up the great work.

@sunthing on WordPress.org


Brilliant plugin. Just awesome! How could I ever do without
This is a brilliant plugin. It organises all of the code AND css that you like to add to your WordPress Theme in one place in easy to use Code Blocks.
Absolutely great. I cannot recommend this too much. And if you ever switch themes, NOTHING breaks, because all your code is in the Code Blocks of this plugin.
Try it and you will absolutely love it! And on top of all this greatness, you can assign your code block to only the page or post that needs it. So this speeds up your website because it only has the code where it needs it. So easy, so nice, so brilliant!

@movingmagic on WordPress.org


It really works and it’s very well thought out!
After messing about with Gravity forms for hours (trying to create a multi-step form that would post to Infusionsoft) I decided to give up and try a different approach. I knew that I just needed to be able to easily include some custom JavaScript and CSS so I searched for a plugin that would help me with that and I can tell you that I am really impressed with this plugin. It’s really well thought out in my opinion – being able to add custom scripts to individual pages with ease, plus a really cool code editor… wow! And most importantly it really works. I now have a multi-step form working and posting to Infuisonsoft. Thanks guys! Awesome work! ?

@farnott on WordPress.org


Very versatile
I don’t use this plugin on every site, but when I need it I need it. It is the most versatile plugin I have found for adding CSS and JavaScript into the header or footer of any page. All site customisations are in one place and I have the ability to select where to use it in so many ways. And it even allows to temporarily disable certain blocks for testing. I had purchased a previous version before Damian changed the purchase options and he moved me over to the new registration system. Great service.

@markcanada on WordPress.org


Amazing Possibilities
I find the possibilities of the plugin amazing, and I am proud to take part in the development and startup 😉

Christian Koch


Firstly a big thank you for a superb plugin. But also thank you so much for the first rate support/customer service.

David Morse


As I said… Brilliant! Works great with Advanced Custom Fields. Thx!
PS. The Pro version is even better 🙂

@pronkman on WordPress.org


Great PlugIn, works perfectly
Thanks for creating such a great PlugIn, it has come in handy on numerous occasions. Love the fact that I can select exactly what pages my custom code is displayed on. Very easy to use and seems well thought out.



Really useful plug-in!
Saves a ton of work to be able to put code where I want with this plug in. Developers are also quick to respond with bug fixes and improvements.”

@ninjamankid on WordPress.org


Reliable plugin
A reliable plugin if you have to tune your site by adding some code. Also you’ll get a friendly support in case you have any problem. Thank you guys!

@jaher on WordPress.org


Just what I was locking for..
Wonderful tool, superb support! Thanks.

@transformis on WordPress.org


The CSS editor is especially useful for cleaning up my stylesheets – believe me, I’ve used numerous other css plugins for WordPress and yours is by far the best solution.

Stiaan Bester


Does what it says it will
All you can ask for in a plugin is for it to do what it says and to stay out of the way of other plugins. So far so good …

William Foote (VMG-interactive)


Just works!
Works lovely, needed a simple fix for CFormsII (adding a query time picker plugin) and it works pretty easy. Also loaded only on desired page.

@slowwaltz on WordPress.org


Great Support, Very useful plugin
Thanks for your great plug in and the new version! I’d like to point out that I’ve had excellent customer support. I’ve upgraded the plug in to the latest version and had some issues. My interactive graphic wasn’t displaying well, I’ve contacted support and in less than an hour I received a response and my issue was fixed by a very pleasant knowledgeable support team member:) They have explained what the issue was and how to avoid it in the future!

Kristina Klimovich


If you tried this before and it was slow, try it again!
Love the plugin. I had it on one of my sites that had about 1,000 pages and posts combined, and it was slow. With the most recent update, it runs blazingly fast!
Congrats on speeding up the plugin.

David Pisarek


Great plugin, Huge thanks
Firstly a big thank you for a superb plugin. But also thank you so much for first rate support/customer service. Fantastic. An all too rare commodity I find these days, especially in WordPress world. Keep up the great work. Cheers

@lukertweek on WordPress.org


Insert Custom JavaScript into a Post Without Hassle
This is the plugin you need when you want to add a script into a specific post as you can choose to which post/page/category or even url! you want to add a script. Everything can be done from admin panel, you don’t have to go digging into files in your WordPress folder.

Thanks for creating such a useful plugin.

@taniav on WordPress.org


Excellent Plugin!
I have tried a lot of plugins because I needed to add javascript within some posts. This is the only plugin that worked exactly as needed just after the installation. Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you!.
@kalulo on WordPress.org


Awesome plugin, works perfectly!!!
Thanks to the devs for creating such a great plugin. I needed to add JS code to my custom posts and this did the job perfectly. I have over 2000 product items, and at first I thought it would not handle so many posts. Boy was I proved wrong, CJT PLUS handled it with ease. I love this plugin!!

@jesterbear on WordPress.org


The most advanced CSS tool in the market
The most easy and advanced way to add code to any WordPress theme. Super recommended for who need to have the total control of their site.

Alberto Torres
@jtorres_mora on WordPress.org