Welcome to CJT PLUS version 11.3


If you have upgraded to the latest version 11.3, you will need to clear and refresh your browser cache to pull in the new scripts and stylesheets.  This includes, clearing out and purging any caches made by third-party cache plugins.  This version now supports PHP versions 7.0 or higher to make it even more compatible with earlier versions.


CJT Free/Core and CJT PLUS must be running on the same version.

If you are running the latest CJT Free/Core version 11.3 from WordPress.org and CJT PLUS version 11.2 or under, then you will see an incompatibility notice in the header.  It is highly recommended to be running the latest CJT PLUS premium plugin 11.3 alongside CJT Free/Core 11.3 to ensure 100% compatibility, security and stability.  If your CJT PLUS license has expired, please purchase a new premium CJT PLUS license here.


CJT Free will soon have features removed and added to CJT PLUS.  Features that will be removed in this first phase include the Adv tab (URLs and Expressions) and some other features that we are yet to finalise.  This unfortunate decision has not come lightly, but is absolutely required to keep the project moving forward after 10 years.  The entire CJT project is reliant on funding for continued development.  The CJT project is kept alive with your support.


We would like to thank everyone who have supported us with a purchase of a CJT PLUS license. We are also immensely grateful for those who have continued to support us with a renewal of their licenses.

In the coming updates, we have a number of super-cool new features we are planning to work on and we will keep you posted on what these features will be real soon.

8 more Hooks added

CJT and CJT PLUS used to only have two Hooks, one for the Header and the other for the Footer.  We have added another 8 new Hooks for even more flexibility.  For example, you may want to include an Ad script (e.g. Google AdSense Ads) before or after your Post Content.  Before, you would have had to do workarounds with custom PHP code, or use cumbersome shortcodes in your post.  Now this can be done automatically with Hooks.

The list of all the Hooks are shown below:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Body Open
  • Before Post Content
  • After Post Content
  • Before Post Excerpt
  • After Post Excerpt
  • Before Posts List
  • After Posts List
  • Before Post

CJT PLUS - 8 Hooks Added

Upgraded Code Block Toolbar

We felt that the Code Block Toolbar was very confusing with all the icon buttons, so we decided to make things simpler and make more sense!!!  We have changed many icon buttons to textual buttons and implemented counters, so you can keep tab of the stats.

CJT Code Block Toolbar

The list of Code Block Toolbar items are shown below:

  • Block ID: clicking the number opens the Info Panel, giving you information about the Code Block.
  • Hook: hovering over the current Hook (e.g. Header) allows you to select from the 10 Hooks as shown in the list above.
  • Editor: hovering over the current Editor (e.g. CSS) allows you to select the editor (i.e. CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP) for error checking and syntax highlighting.
  • Assignments: this shows a dynamic counter that increments when you select/add more assignments (e.g. selecting Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, etc). Clicking the counter, provides the entire list of ‘selected’ assignments for the Code Block.
  • Templates: this shows a dynamic counter that increments when you ‘Link’ templates to the Code Block. Hovering over the counter gives you options to ‘Embed / Link Templates’, ‘Add Template from Link’, and the ‘Templates Manager’ so you can create new templates or modify existing ones.  Clicking the counter takes you straight to the ‘Embed / Link Templates’ panel.  NOTE: the counter increments for linked templates only. It will not increment for embedded templates, which only copies the template code to the Code Block editor for use that way.
  • Files: all Code Blocks by default will have at least one Code File called Master in play. However, you can create additional Code Files for CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP.  Whenever you create new Code Files, the counter will increment.  Clicking the counter will take you to the Code Files panel.
  • Revs: also stands for Revisions shows a dynamic counter that increments each time you click the Save button.  This is because each time you Save the Code Block, a new revision is created just in case you need to restore it.

Upgraded Editor Toolbar

CJT PLUS Editor ToolbarThe vertical editor toolbar to the left of the Assignment panel that hosts a bunch of editor functions has also had a revamp.  We decided to move the 3 editor functions (i.e. File, Edit, Settings) to here, as it just did not suit being on the Code Block Toolbar. To make room for these 3 new icon buttons, we merged the 3 Font Size functions into one button, and totally removed the Clear Editor contents button. NOTE: If you make any changes to the editor in Settings or the Font Size function, you need to click the Save Editor Settings button, which is the last icon at the bottom of this toolbar. This will save any editor settings even after you close and reopen your browser window.

Update Notice

Version 11

Since version 11, both CJT Free (on WordPress.org) and CJT PLUS (premium extension) has had a major UI and framework update to include many new Hooks. Clearing out your site or browser cache may resolve some issues, but not all. That’s because you are using an older CJT PLUS (version 10, 9.4 or earlier) with the latest CJT Free version 11 or higher. As a CJT PLUS owner, you have a number of options available as shown below.

  • You MUST update CJT PLUS to the latest version 11 or higher.
  • If it won’t let you update, you may need to either: activate your valid license key, or purchase a new license key if it has expired.
  • If you do not wish to update CJT PLUS to the latest version, then you will need to manually downgrade CJT Free to the lower version 10.1: Click to download

Please contact us if you need your license key information so you can add to the license form for CJT PLUS.  We will try to send that to you as soon as possible.