18th August, 2014

CJT Pro and CJT Dev now allows you to export all of your data into another website running CJT.
With this latest update, you can export all of your code blocks, code files, script templates, and script packages with a click of a button. And with another click of a button, import them all into another website, saving you much time and effort. Watch the video below, then click to see screenshots of the export/import feature.

7th August, 2014

CJT Pro is more affordable than ever, and you can now get this powerful WordPress plugin for under $20. We are also working hard to launch the import/export feature, which will only be available for CJT Pro and CJT Dev. Grab it here!!!


CSS & JavaScript Toolbox abbr. (CJT)

A powerful code management plugin that simplifies adding scripts to your WordPress-powered website.

So what exactly is CJT?

Just like plugins, scripts can modify or extend the functionality and appearance of your website. Unlike plugins, adding and configuring script code files can be frustrating. CJT makes this process pleasant and easy. In fact, adding scripts and styles with CJT can be done in as little as two steps.

CJT is perfect for WordPress website development

Whether it be adding free/premium scripts, creating and testing new scripts, streamlining development work, making front-end customisations, or even teaching and learning WordPress – CJT is extremely flexible and versatile.


CJT Video Demos

We know it can be difficult to know if a product is just right for you. We are therefore compiling a whole lot of demonstration videos so you can make an informed decision if CJT Pro or CJT Dev would suit your needs.

CJT Code Blocks

Your time is precious and we hope this quick overview video of the three main components of CJT will fast-track your learning. These include the CJT Code Block, and the Code Editor Window and Assignment Panel.

Header, Footer and Shortcodes

In this video tutorial, you will learn how you can assign code blocks to the header or footer of your webpage, or for more pinpoint accuracy – using CJT Shortcodes.

Around 30 Editor Themes

CJT Pro and CJT Dev now have around 30 editor themes for you to choose from. We have redesigned the entire Assignment Panel with a minimalistic approach using thin lines and making it more modern like Apple’s iOS7 design. We are happy with the result and it looks awesome in full-width mode, and even better in full-screen mode.

Primary Features

Global Code Blocks

Add as many CJT code blocks as you need
Assign a code block to multiple Pages/Posts/Categories/etc
Edit multiple code blocks at the same time without navigating browsers
Reorder code blocks via drag and drop to allow block priority over others

Assign code blocks to:

  • Pages (including Child/Sub Pages)
  • Posts (including Custom Posts)
  • Categories (including Child/Sub Categories)
  • Auxiliary Assignments (including Entire Website, Website Backend, All Pages, All Posts, Recent Posts, Blog Index, All Categories, Search Pages, All Archives, Tag Archives, Author Archives, Attachment Pages, and 404 Error Pages)
  • URLs and Regular Expressions

Select to output the code block to the Header/Footer of the assignment

Metabox Code Block & Shortcodes

Add CJT metabox code block at the Page/Post level
Security setting in Options to enable/disable metabox code block
Use CJT shortcodes to output the code block at the Page/Post level (for pinpoint output)
TinyMCE button provides a popup, which lists all CJT shortcodes for easy insertion via a single click

Code Files

Each code block now supports code files:

  • Create as many code files as needed
  • Add a name, language type (i.e. HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript), and description for your code file. Editor language will automatically be switched for you
  • All code files will share the same assignments (e.g. the same Posts/Pages/Categories/etc)
  • You can turn your code block into a mini project. For example, you can assign a single block with multiple code files to a Page or Post, instead of creating multiple blocks to a single Page or Post
  • Switch between code files using AJAX
  • Multiple authors can work on the same block at the same time by editing different code files
  • When executed all block code files will be merged together and involved as a single file

Templates & Packages

External Link function seamlessly download a third-party script (e.g. from CDN), add it as a template and link it to the current code block

Code Template Manager allows you to:

  • Create HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript code templates so you can link or embed them to your code blocks
  • Centralise your library/third-party codes by linking templates, which is using WordPress scripts/styles queue to avoid conflicts

Template Lookup System allows you to:

  • link/embed BOTH Templates and even WordPress built-in scripts/styles (such as jQuery, Thickbox, etc) that are bundled with WordPress

Package System allows you to:

  • Install packages from the CJT website
  • Create your own packages (zip package made up of code blocks and templates)
  • Work in external editors, save all code blocks and templates into files, and then import them into CJT via a simple definition.xml file
  • Share packages with other CJT developers
  • define block parameters, making it possible to utilise shortcode parameters form, which allows block to prompt for parameters when inserted as a shortcode

Cool Tools

Write HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript using the Advanced Code Editor
Powerful editor coding tools like: Undo, Redo, Find, Replace, Go To Line, Fold, UnFold, Collapse and Expand, and much more!
Code Auto Completion is a powerful helper tool to quickly auto-complete HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript code syntax and code snippets
Syntax highlighting and error checking
Around 30 editor and code block themes to choose from

Many batch operations including:

  • Activate/Deactivate/Revert state for all code blocks (great for debugging)
  • Switch all code blocks to either the Header or Footer
  • Delete all or delete only the empty code blocks

Create multiple backups for all your code blocks, allowing them all to be restored
Create multiple code block revisions, allowing the single block to be restored
Tools allow for font-size adjustment, full-width and full-screen editing
Minimise or maximise all code blocks with a single click


Have you ever noticed how your website can start slowing down when you add more and more WordPress plugins into the mix. Unfortunately plugins can bloat your website and use unnecessary resources if they are used when not needed. CJT only reserves memory resources and usage processes when it needs to, otherwise it will not get involved. Additionally, by adding scripts that emulate an existing plugin, YOU get to decide exactly where the script will run.

CJT has been fully tested using over 100 code blocks and 1000′s of assignments (e.g. Posts/Pages/Categories/etc). This was made possible using a combination of AJAX scrolling and pagination. In fact, 99% of CJT utilises AJAX technology, which means there is no need to refresh/reload the webpage.