CSS & JavaScript Toolbox abbr. (CJT)

A powerful code management plugin that simplifies script and style development for your WordPress-powered website.


CJTe Developer

save 70%
save 70%
  • Includes:
    Unlimited Website Installs
    12 months Email Support
    12 months Forum Support
    12 months Automatic Updates

So what exactly is CJT?

Just like plugins, scripts and styles can enhance or modify the functionality and appearance of your website. Unlike plugins, adding and configuring script code can be frustrating. CJT makes this process nice and easy. In fact, adding scripts and styles with CJT can be done in as little as two steps.


CJT is perfect for WordPress website development

Whether it be adding free/premium scripts, creating and testing new scripts, streamlining development work, making front-end customisations, or even teaching and learning WordPress – CJT is extremely flexible and versatile.