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Code Auto Completion

Code Auto Completion – Extension Plugin

Perfect Companion for CJT Free and CJT Pro/Dev


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We are pleased to say that we have updated the Code Auto Completion extension plugin AND it’s now smarter than ever.


This latest version now gives you:

  • Stacks of code snippets
  • Local variable support
  • Same themes as the editor (CJT Pro/Dev only)

Stacks of code snippets

No need to remember all of those script or style declarations, just start typing and let the CAC output the snippet for you. Contains hundreds of useful code snippets that will make your coding life a breeze.

Local variable support

Have you created your own variables but need a quick way to show them?
The CAC will output all of your local variables so you don’t need to search throughout the entire code block to figure out what you called them.

Same themes as the editor

This CJT Pro and CJT Dev only feature allows the CAC to take on the same style and colour scheme as your chosen editor theme. And with around 30 themes to choose from, there are plenty to find one that is just right for you.



Using the CAC – How to Launch

If you are using either a Mac or a PC, the hot-key combination is Control + Space (i.e. Ctrl + Space bar). This can be achieved by holding down the Control (i.e. Ctrl) button with your little finger and then click the Space bar with your thumb.

CAC Description

The Code Auto Completion (also known as CAC) is a premium extension plugin for the free CJT Free plugin and the premiumĀ CJT Pro plugin. It is a syntax dictionary for CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML that allows you to embed code automatically into the editor.

Simply click the hot key combination on your keyboard and your CAC dialog box will popup allowing you to choose from an extensive list of code syntax depending on the code editor you are currently using. In other words if you are using the CSS code editor, then the CAC will use the CSS code dictionary. You can even start typing a few letters and launching the CAC will filter down the list based on the letters typed. Clicking the back and forward arrow keys on the letters typed will either increase or decrease the list of results respectively. We have also included a short description of code syntax where applicable.

Please Note: The Code Auto Completion extension plugin (CAC version 0.5.6) is NOT compatible with the latest version of CJT Free (v6.1.5 or above), or CJT Pro/Dev (v6.4 or above). If you are upgrading CJT Free, CJT Pro, or CJT Dev, please make sure you upgrade the CAC to the latest version, which is 1.0

Click for the CJT Compatibility page