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How do I launch the CAC?
If you are using either a Mac or a PC, the hot-key combination is Control + Space (i.e. Ctrl + Space bar). This can be achieved by holding down the Control (i.e. Ctrl) button with your little finger and then click the Space bar with your thumb.
How do I change the code language dictionary in the CAC?
You need to set the editing language for syntax highlighting in the code block first, and then this language will be reflected in the CAC. You can see what the code block is using by looking at the icon displaying either: CSS, HTML, JS (for JavaScript), or PHP.  Once you hover over this icon, you will be able to change the code editor language. Now you can relaunch the CAC (Command + G for Mac or Control + G for PC) and the language dictionary for the CAC will be the same.
I have launched the CAC popup, why can’t I close it?
If you launched the CAC popup but then decided that you didn’t need to add code syntax to the code block editor, simply click the Escape (i.e. esc/Esc) key to close the popup.
I received a weird error, what do I do now?
Sometimes a bug decides to rear its ugly head and when this happens, this is when we need your help. If you receive an error, if it be a PHP error, or some functionality that isn’t working for whatever reason, please send us a support email through the CAC Support Forum (must be logged in) or through our Contact form.