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Did You Know?

  • We released our first version of CJT (v0.3) on in September 2011
  • Since the very beginnings (July 2011), we have clocked over 2000 hours developing CJT
  • CJT Pro has now grown to almost 650 files and folders totalling 3MB (as of v6.1)
  • We have created around 80 individually hand-crafted icons for CJT Pro
  • We have extensively tested CJT Pro and the CAC extension plugin on all the major browsers – including various browser versions, computer platforms and operating systems. These results have been published here: CJT Compatibility page.
  • All our WordPress plugins including CJT Pro and the CAC extension are 100% GPL. We strongly agree that since WordPress and its founders have given us the rights, privileges and freedoms to use WordPress (as stipulated in its GPL license), it is only right to offer those same freedoms to others who purchase our software.