1000’s of our customers enjoy the features and benefits that CJT PLUS offers. If you do not have the premium version, get it whilst it’s 50% discounted.

With this latest release of both CJT and CJT PLUS (version 9.4), we have made a number of important security and bug fixes, including:

  • Improvements: on variable security throughout the plugin
  • Fixes: security fixes regarding global POST and GET variables
  • Fix: a number of bugs fixed
  • Fix: PHP notices and warnings fixed

If you are yet to purchase a new license or you have not renewed your license, it is highly recommended that you do so. Keep your website safe by updating to the latest versions. Click here to purchase a new or renew your existing license today.


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Damian Baker
Developer & Designer @ Wipeout Media
Damian (Damo) is a graphic designer, guitar & drum music tutor, fitness-freak, developer & solutions provider from Perth in Western Australia. I've built countless websites, co-developed a FileMaker solution called Teacher's Companion and two WordPress plugins called CSS & JavaScript Toolbox and Easy Code Manager.