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Welcome to CJT PLUS version 11.3


CJT Free/Core and CJT PLUS must be running on the same version.

If you are running the latest CJT Free/Core version 11.3 from and CJT PLUS version 11.2 or under, then you will see an incompatibility notice in the header.  It is highly recommended to be running the latest CJT PLUS premium plugin 11.3 alongside CJT Free/Core 11.3 to ensure 100% compatibility, security and stability.  If your CJT PLUS license has expired, please purchase a new premium CJT PLUS license here.


CJT Free will soon have features removed and added to CJT PLUS.  Features that will be removed in this first phase include the Adv tab (URLs and Expressions) and some other features that we are yet to finalise.  This unfortunate decision has not come lightly, but is absolutely required to keep the project moving forward after 10 years.  The entire CJT project is reliant on funding for continued development.  The CJT project is kept alive with your support.


We would like to thank everyone who have supported us with a purchase of a CJT PLUS license. We are also immensely grateful for those who have continued to support us with a renewal of their licenses.

In the coming updates, we have a number of super-cool new features we are planning to work on and we will keep you posted on what these features will be real soon.