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Tablet Web Development – iPad, Nexus, Note, Surface

Coding Scripts on a Tablet?

Who would have thought that you can work on your website development in the comfort of your lounge or bed using a tablet. Yes you can, and CJT Pro allows you to do that. CJT Pro has a unique full-screen mode that maximises the screen and allows you to code on one side, and view all of your pages, posts, custom posts, categories, etc on the other side.

This makes it very ideal to be able to code and then save and test the results with a click of a link.

Do you have any of these tablets:

Add more POWER with a Bluetooth keyboard

If you connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your tablet such as Apple’s Wireless Keyboard, then you can utilise all the common programming keys easier. You can also utilise the various key-combinations not typically found in tablets such as Command + G to launch the Code Auto Completion feature.

How good is that? 🙂