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    Allen Pooley

    Hello, I’m getting an error when I’m creating a code block. The dialog box stays up where I put in the name when I click the create button, and TypeError: this.form.serializeObject is not a function appears in the console. Any thoughts?

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    Ahmed Hamed


    We’ve experienced this issue before: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/cannot-create-code-block-on-fresh-install

    We detected that the issue is because of the Theme is being running Javascript code in the CJT page where it shouldn’t do, causing error that prevent CJT Javascript from being loaded.

    The issue might also caused by other Plugins that runs broken Javascript code in CJT Page.

    You might give it a test by deactivate the Theme.

    Please let me know what happened.

    Thank you.


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    Allen Pooley

    It seems it’s the theme that did it. I switched to a WP stock theme and it worked fine. So I guess I need to chase after my theme developer, eh?

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    Ahmed Hamed


    Its a conflict with the Theme. The Theme is outputting Javascript codes along with the CJT Manager page where there is no need to do that! Theme is to style the frontend and has to link those Javascript only when required by the theme.

    It also seems that the Theme is linking those Javascript files along with Ajax Requests where is shouldn’t get involved!

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