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      Hi there,
      Please forgive my extreme ignorance in advance, but I have just purchased a “forever license” for CSS & JavaScript Toolbox PLUS.
      Currently, we have a staging site and a live site.
      Our developer originally installed
      CJT Core and CJT Plus (which I can see have different license keys)
      However, the developer did not renew the license and we were continually getting error messages on the Dashboard and when checking the license keys in the settings it said the license key was not valid.
      I tried to deactivate and reset the developers key and input the license key and activate the one just purchased for CJT Plus but it says the key is invalid! What am I doing wrong?
      Also, do I need another key for the CJT Core part?
      Please, can you help? I don’t want to lose the code that our developer already has created, but do want to update the license to a valid key.

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      Damian Baker

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your support.
      I think I understand the issue and what you are trying to do. If you like, I can take a look into your website and check out what is going on, just email me temporary admin login details.

      Else if you want to try yourself, firstly just to be safe, make a backup of your code blocks via copying your code to a text editor, or if you prefer, just backup your database.

      You would need to deactivate and delete CJT Core from Plugins. This is not used or needed by CJT PLUS that you just purchased. In fact, you should be able to deactivate all your licenses and reset the fields before deactivating and deleting CJT Core. You also should deactivate and delete the previous version of CJT PLUS. Since your code is contained within the database, this should carry across just fine to the new versions.

      Then go into Plugins and do a search for CSS & JavaScript Toolbox or go to and download the free version here:
      Once you have installed and activated CJT Free from WordPress (link above), you can then upload, install and activate the premium CJT PLUS version you just purchased. Click the Setup link in CJT PLUS (in Plugins) and you should be able to enter your license key you received.

      Let me know how you go.

      Kind Regards,
      Damian Baker

      CSS & JavaScript Toolbox Support

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