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      We are using WordPress version 4.9.8.
      We have deactivated and deleted the older CJT CORE and CJT PLUS plugins from our development site. Then we uploaded and activated the CJT FREE 8.4.1.
      We did not see the existing code blocks after this. Instead we see only the following (with the errors displayed from Chrome’s Console in red below):

      Then we added and activated CJT Plus 8.4.
      This is what we found after the update to CJT Plus 8.4:
      Screenshot 2

      We need to update to this newest version of CJT, but we cannot with these issues. Let us know if we can help with correcting these errors.

      As a follow up, once we deactivate and delete the CJT FREE 8.4.1 and CJT PLUS 8.4, and revert back to CJT Core 9.0.1 and CJT Plus 2.0, and activate both, we still cannot see the existing code blocks. If we deactivate CJT Plus 2.0 we can see the code blocks though.

      Here is a screen shot (with Google Chrome Console errors showing) when CJT Core 9.0.1 and CJT Plus 2.0 are activated:

      Thank you!

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      Damian Baker

      Hi there,

      Sorry for the delay in responding.
      I am not sure if you have solved this, but I have seen this issue a number of times before. Please clear your browser cache, then do a hard refresh of the CJT dashboard page. Clearing the browser cache is required especially when you are migrating to a totally different version of CJT as it needs to pull in the latest scripts and stylesheets.

      I hope this helps.

      Damian Baker

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