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CJT Video Demos

We know it can be difficult to know if a product is just right for you. We are therefore compiling a whole lot of demonstration videos so you can make an informed decision if CJT Pro or CJT Dev would suit your needs.

CJT Code Blocks

Your time is precious and we hope this quick overview video of the three main components of CJT will fast-track your learning. These include the CJT Code Block, and the Code Editor Window and Assignment Panel.

Header, Footer and Shortcodes

In this video tutorial, you will learn how you can assign code blocks to the header or footer of your webpage, or for more pinpoint accuracy – using CJT Shortcodes.

32 Editor Themes

CJT Pro and CJT Dev has 32 editor themes for you to choose from. We have redesigned the entire Assignment Panel with a minimalistic approach using thin lines and making it more modern like Apple’s iOS7 design. We are happy with the result and it looks awesome in full-width mode, and even better in full-screen mode.


CJT Pro and CJT Dev allows you to export all of your data into another website running CJT. You can export all of your code blocks, code files, script templates, and script packages with a click of a button. And with another click of a button, import them all into another website, saving you much time and effort. Watch the video below, then click to see screenshots of the export/import feature.