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CSS JS Toolbox Pro

CJT Pro – Code Management Plugin for WordPress

Powerful, Flexible, Full-Featured … Perfect!!!
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Thanks for checking out CJT Pro – the premium edition of CSS & JavaScript Toolbox, a WordPress plugin that gives you the tools to easily and safely modify or extend the functionality and appearance of your WordPress-powered website.

By purchasing CJT Pro, you will get more power and flexibility, better security, and a lot more features, tools and options.

Some of the great features you will get include:

  • our unique Code Template Manager that allows you to reuse code templates and to work with script libraries
  • the CJT Package Installer that allows you to download and install scripts to your website with ease.
  • And for a limited time, we are including our Code Auto Completion extension plugin worth $10 absolutely FREE!!!

CJT Helps Bridge the Gap

bridging-scripts-wpThere are hundreds, if not, thousands of open source scripts all over the web, and our CJT plugin will help you add these scripts into your WordPress website. With a few clicks of a button, you can add scripts by downloading from our Scripts page and installing them with our new package installer. CJT can also be used to add premium scripts that you have purchased.

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Packed with Features

CJT Pro is jam-packed with features. Just look at all the awesome features that CJT Pro has over the free edition.[pricing_table id=”cjt-comparison-table”]

One Low Price

A very common question we get is: if CJT Pro is purchased, is it allowed to be installed on more than one website?

The answer is Yes!!! 🙂

Purchase CJT Pro for only $25 and you can install it on as many personal and commercial websites as you wish.

Over 25,610 CJT installations!!!

“I find the possibilities of the plugin amazing, and I am proud to take part in the development and startup ;-)”

Christian Koch |

“Firstly a big thank you for a superb plugin. But also thank you so much for the first rate support/customer service.”

David Morse |